Campaign Management for Salesforce

The easy way to visualize and organize your Campaigns.

Salesforce Campaigns are being used for different purposes. You can use them as worklists for your sales. You can create list emails to contact your target audience. You can use them for your event management and much more.

But often, you easily lose the overview of your campaign management. That’s where Campaignize comes in handy.


Visualize your campaigns on a Gantt chart

Gather immediate insights in your current and upcoming events in a quick and convenient overview.

Group by Hierarchy

All of your more complex campaigns using hierarchies will be grouped accordingly. You can hide your child campaigns as well.

Customize your Gantt bars

As a user you can either use the general company theme or customize it the way you like. Define individual colors per attribute.

Organized by list views

Based on your list views you can define which campaigns should be shown. You decide what’s relevant.

What’s the best timeframe?

Choose between a monthly, quarterly and annually view. For each timeframe the best view.


Access the Chatter of your campaigns and collaborate with your colleagues. Post, create a Poll or ask a question.

Be more efficient

Create and edit campaigns on-the-fly without leaving your campaign hub.

Plans and Pricing

Per User/Month

  • 1 - 24 Users
    15 €
  • 25-49 Users
    13 €
  • 50 - 99 Users
    11 €
  • 100 - 249 Users
    9 €
  • 250+ Users
    7 €

Per User/Year

  • 1 - 24 Users
    165 €
  • 25-49 Users
    143 €
  • 50 - 99 Users
    121 €
  • 100 - 249 Users
    99 €
  • 250+ Users
    77 €

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