Event Management and Online Registration

You are doing events, webinars, fairs or something similar? Then you know the challenges of proper event management.

Registration+ helps you mastering your challenges.

Create beautiful event websites, including advanced registration forms and features. For example, you can let your visitors and attendees make appointments and allow them to register multiple people on one form.

Registration Features

Let invitees make appointments

Raise the number of direct appointments by letting your invitees make appointments in your registration form.

Register multiple people at once

Generate multiple leads in one form by having the possibility to register up to 10 additional people.

Private vs. public events

You can either set up public event form everyone can enter that opens the event or private events where people need to be invited and have to enter their personal login credentials.

Prefill already known information on the form

When using private events, the system already knows who want to submit the form. We can use this information to prefill information on the form.

Administration Features

Different field types for different purposes

Build the forms the way you want to. You can add every field of your choice and make it mandatory, optional, read-only and/or prefilled.

One form, many devices

Salesforce – Center of everything

Customize the event the way you need it

You can style the website and form without any IT know-how. But if you want to be pixel-perfect you can also use CSS for the final touch.

Every event is different, adjust it accordingly.

Say NO to duplicates

You can set up duplicate rules to check the registrants against your Salesforce database. If the system finds a duplicate record it will use that record instead of creating a new one.

Plans and Pricing

  • Registration+
  • 9.800
  • per company per year
  • Unlimited Users
  • No hidden costs

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